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About Us

Consult DB is an independent consultancy established in 2003 by David Butler and based in the North East of England to support clients throughout Europe.

David has worked in the Process, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Plastics, Plastics Recycling and Manufacturing sector for over 40 years.  He is bilingual in Italian and speaks French, Spanish and German, is a Fellow of The Institution of Mechanical Engineers and a Member of The Institute of Consulting.  In that 40 years he has succeeded in making rapid profit improvement at minimal cost in every business he has been involved in, whether old or new, large or small, few employees or many, highly capitalised or small, unionised or not.

In a few hours Consult DB is able to assess all critical steps necessary and then, with the client’s management and staff, carry out the vital actions needed to eliminate problems and increase profits in the shortest possible time.  Consult DB achieves these objectives in the role of Consultant, Mentor or Interim Manager, to suit each client.

Some Examples:

  • Lost Time Accident Frequency reduced from 10 to 1 in <6 months
  • Absenteeism reduced from 9% to 3% in < 6 months
  • Reduced £12m energy bill to £9m in 12 months, 50% energy saving improvements
  • Increased output from 35,000tes with 410 staff to 55,000tes with 360 staff in 12 months
  • 7 factories in 3 countries losing £17m/yr, reduced loss to £5m in 6 months
  • Business losing £1m/yr for several years, £4m profit after 10 months, £9m/yr in 3 years

Designed, built, commissioned several post use recycling plants, all profitable.

David Butler

David Butler

BSc, CEng, FIMechE, MIC