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Plastics Recycling


  • Does your existing recycling business need improving?
  • ls the plant operating safely?
  • Can the plant handle the raw materials it ‘s presented with?
  • Does the plant run at its designed output and quality?
  • Could the finished product be of better quality and sell at a higher price?

Some examples:

  • Brought plant losing £2m/annum to breakeven in < 6 months through operational/maintenance changes.
  • Plant producing 5,000 tes/annum; increased to 7,000 tes/annum by altering feed mix slightly.
  • Increased product sales price by 50% by significant sustainable quality improvement at minimal cost.
  • Plant output increased by 50% through eliminating downtime by simple maintenance changes.
  • Reduced labour, operating and packaging costs by installing bulk transfer system and silos, saving £100k/annum.


New plants can be designed, built, brought on stream quickly, efficiently and reliably, from the management operational, maintenance and design points of view. Most recycling plant and machinery is of Italian, German or Austrian manufacture, so being bilingual in Italian and speaking German helps. We have installed many energy efficient sustainable reprocessing and post use recycling plants in the last 30 years.

Some examples:

  • In-line reprocessing units and blending eliminate 90% high value waste in 30 factories.
  • Factory reprocessing all its startup and production waste offsite; installed 7,000te unit onsite, saved £2m/annum in < 6 months, plant still running after 11 years.
  • Designed and built 13,000te post use recycling plant in 6 months, plant still running profitably after 13 years.
  • Installed 6,000tes post use waste plant using pre-owned machinery, cost £300k, makes £0.5m/annum.

  • Designed and installed wash water treatment plant; 100tes/hr waste water cleaned up to return to salmon river.